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  3. SAFE BETS INTRODUCTION: We are Safe Bets Gambling Clan, Founded by James on 3/25/2020. We want to bring excitement to the game, Raise the economy and give everyone an opportunity to be the wealthiest player, (or the most broke). We host a variety of different games from 55x2, fp, hnc and much more! Currently we are not officially released, as we are seeking ranks to join our clan but we will be gambling in NO TIME! APPLICATION: Are you interested in becoming a host for our gambling clan? Great! We are in need of 5-10 hosts, although our application requirements ARE NOT EASILY MET! You must be a trusted player with a reputation, and at least be able to afford dice, and 500 mithril seeds to become a host. Respond with your applications by Copying/Pasting and filling out the form provided below! FORM: USERNAME?: PLAY TIME?: HOW MANY HOURS DO YOU PLAY A DAY?: DO YOU HAVE ATLEAST 3 VOUCHES WHO CAN STATE YOU AS A REPUTABLE PLAYER?: IS YOUR BANK OVER 2B+?: DO YOU OWN A DICE?: DO YOU OWN 500+ MITHRIL SEEDS?: TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF:
  4. Divine

    Goodbye 🥺

    Oh and @Jord thanks for not helping me with my maths <—— he’s the reason lel
  5. Hello, everyone ... es Divine 🙂 hope everyone is having fun playing and just grinding! Y’all were just so damn cute and kind to me. I hope you all have an amazing time playing RuneGuild! I hope to see you all one day and continue the grind with you all 🙂 thank you everyone especially @buddy @Scabbard @Smidge @HugeKOC For making this a fucken experience! And I hope to see everyone around I’ll still be in discord and forums ❤️ bye everyone love you and keep grinding ❤️
  6. @Smidge Thanks for the feedback! Can we get the option to deposit coal from the coal bag?
  7. - Respawn timer on Gem/Spice stall timer has been decreased. - Vorkaths head now works to make the Ava's Assembler. - Fixed anti poison & extreme strength potions (1) - Fixed nurse working on multiple NPC's. - Buffed ancestral so its significantly better than Virtus. - Wildy agility course can only be entered if you have 55+ agility. - Blood Necklace has been buffed. - WOGW tickets have now been added back into the Edgeville invasion bosses. - Added the commands ::price/pricecheck which directs you to the Camsao & D3 x post on the forums. - Updated ::store command. - Fixed WOGW tickets so the well can only give double drops/experience and the ticket gives the rest of the options. - Dyed d'hide sets been fixed. - Anglerfish value changed. - Extreme potions & Overloads value been changed - Brand new store added. - Added Renowned Zone with a renowned store which sells overloads & good food. - Renowned Zone is now a Multi Zone - Attack range on Giant Roc/Scotizo altered. - Stepping stone in wildy fixed. - ::claim command will now work with the new donation site. - Skotizo in Renowned Zone has been replaced with Vorkath. - Abyssal Sire in Renowned Zone has been fixed. - Chaos elemental droprate nerfed. - Derwen Trivia fixed. - Added the Discord Bot which announces in-game stuff.
  8. Note : This is a early price guide so all prices are just me and Mrdexx's estimations. We are still missing some items in the drop table but will continue to finish it until we get everything that should be on the price list over time. Thanks! Last Update : March 17th Melee Weapons Granite Maul - 10m - 15m Dragon 2h Sword - 10m - 20m Dragon Sword - 15m - 25m Barrelchest Anchor - ? Abyssal Dagger - 25m - 35m Abyssal Whip - 30m - 40m Saradomin's Sword - 40 - 50m Zamorak Godsword - 50m - 75m Saradomin Godsword - 75m - 100m Bandos Godsword -100m - 150m Armadyl Godsword - 100m - 150m Chaotic Longsword - 150m - 200m Chaotic Maul - 250m - 300m Chaotic Rapier - 300m - 350m Primal Dagger - ? Vesta Longsword - 350m - 425m Korasi - 350m - 400m Dragon Claws - 400m - 500m Primal Spear - 400m - 500m Primal Longsword - 450m - 550m Primal Maul - 500m - 550m Primal 2h Sword - 500m - 550m Elder Maul - 500m - 600m Primal Rapier - 550m - 600m Dragon Warhammer - 600m - 700m Statius Hammer - 700m - 800m Ghrazi Rapier - ? Scythe of Vitur - ? Melee Gear Dragon Chainbody and Platelegs/Skirt - 10m Barrows Sets - 20m Dragon Boots - 10m - 15m Bandos Boots - 20m - 30m Dragonfire Shield - 75m - 100m Chaotic Kiteshield - ? Bandos Chestplate & Tassets - 100m - 150m per piece Guardian Boots - ? Steadfast Boots - 200m - 250m Statius Armor - 200m - 300m per piece Vesta Platelegs - 300m - 400m Vesta Chainbody - 300m - 400m Primal Armor - 400m - 500m Dragon Kiteshield - 400m - 500m Goliath Gloves - 500m - 600m Dinh's Bulwark - 600m - 700m Serpentine Helm - 600m - 700m Primal Gauntlets - 600m - 700m Primal Boots - 700m - 800m Avernic Defender - 700m - 800m Torva Helm - 800m - 900m Primordial Boots - 900m - 1B Justiciar Faceguard - 1B - 1.2B Torva Platebody and Platelegs - 1B - 1.2B per piece Justiciar Chestguard & Legguards - 1.5B - 2B per piece Range Weapons Morrigan's Throwing Axe - ? Morrigan's Javelins -? Karil's Crossbow - 5m Dark Bow - 15m - 20m Light ballista - ? Hand Cannon - ? Dragon Crossbow - 100m - 150m Armadyl Crossbow - 150m - 200m Glaiven Boots - 200m - 250m Chaotic Crossbow - 250m - 300m Heavy Ballista - 400m - 500m Godbows - 500m - 600m Dragon Hunter Crossbow - ? Toxic Blowpipe - 700m - 800m Twisted Bow - ? Range Armor Karil's Set - 20m Odium Ward - 20m - 30m Armadyl Helmet - 40m - 50m Sagitarrian Vambraces - ? Morrigan's Coif - 75m - 100m Ranger Boots - 100m - 150m Eagle-Eye Kiteshield - 100m - 150m Armadyl Chestplate and Plateskirt - 150m - 200m Sagitarrian Body, Chaps, & Coif - ? Morrigan's Leather Body & Leather Chaps - 200m - 300m Sagitarrian Boots - 300m - 400m Swift Gloves - 500m - 600m Twisted Buckler - 550m - 650m Pernix Cowl - 800m - 1B Pegasian Boots - 800m - 1B Pernix Body & Chaps - 1.2B - 1.5B per piece Mage Weapons Empowered Catalytic Staff - ? Staff of the Dead - 20m - 25m Master Wand - 25m - 30m Staff of Light - 40m - 50m Omni-Talisman Staff - 40m - 50m Zuriel's Staff - 125m - 150m Chaotic Staff - 250m - 300m Toxic Staff of the Dead - 350m - 400m Celestial Catalytic Staff - 500m - 600m Kodai Wand - ? Sanguinesti Staff - ? Mage Armor Infinity Set - 10m Ahrim Set - 20m Infinity Boots - 15m - 20m Malediction Ward - 25m - 30m Mage's Book - 50m - 75m Ganodermic Armor - ? Celestial Robe Top & Bottom - 150m - 200m Per Piece Zuriel's Robe Top & Bottom - 200m - 300m Per Piece Celestial Hood - 400m - 500m Imbued Heart - ? Ancient Wyvern Shield - 600m - 700m Virtus Mask - 900m - 1B Eternal Boots - 800m - 1B Virtus Robe Top & Robe Bottom - 1.2B - 1.5B Per Piece Ancestral Hat - 1.2B - 1.5B Ancestral Robe Top & Robe Bottom - 1.5B - 2B Per Piece Spirit Shields Divine Spirit Shield - 1.5B - 2B Elysian Spirit Shield - 1.2B - 1.5B Arcane Spirit Shield - 1B - 1.2B Spectral Spirit Shield - 750m - 1B Holy Elixer - 25m - 50m Amulets Amulet of Fury - 15m - 20m Amulet of Ranging - 25m - 30m Third Age Amulet -100m - 150m Occult Necklace - 125m - 175m Blood Necklace - ? Amulet of Torture - 700m - 800m Amulet of Anguish - 700m - 800m Arcane Stream Necklace - 800m - 900m Rings Warrior's Ring - 15m - 20m Berserker's Ring - 40m - 50m Archer's Ring - 40m - 50m Seer's Ring - 40m - 50m Ring Of Wealth - 100m - 125m Ring of Suffering - ? Ring of Death's Bypass - 1B+ Skilling Items Equipment Dragon Axe - ? Dragon Pickaxe - ? Infernal Harpoon - ? Infernal Axe - ? Infernal Pickaxe - ? Bar's & Ore's Mithril Ore - 5K Mithril Bar - 6k Adamant Ore - 7K Adamant Bar - 9K Runite Ore - 9K Runite Bar - 12K Logs Willow Log - 1k - 1.5k Maple Log - 2k - 3k Yew Log - 7k - 80k Magic Log - 9k - 11k Bones Big bones - 1K Babydragon Bones - 4K - 5K Dragon Bones - 10K - 15K Frost Bones - 15K - 20K Raw and Cooked Food Raw Lobster - 3k - 4k Raw Swordfish - 3k - 5k Raw Monkfish - 5k - 6k Raw Karambwan - 7k - 8k Karambwan - 10k - 11k Raw Shark - 25k - 30k Shark - 30k - 31k Raw Manta Ray - 24k - 26k Manta Ray - 26k - 31k Raw Dark Crab - 26K - 28k Dark Crab - 32k - 36k Raw Rocktail - 30k - 35k Rocktail - 35k - 40k Raw Anglerfish - ? Anglerfish - ? ( 33k for Renowned Donators ) Herblore Torstols - 10K - 12K Super Combat Potion - 20k - 25k Overloads (4) - 70k - 75k Miscellaneous Blood Money - 10k - 20k ea Ancient Coins - 100k - 125k Vote Book - 15m - 20m Fashion Box - ? Slayer Helmet - 300m - 400m Donation items Slayer Reset Scroll - ? Standard Mystery Box - ? Champion Scroll - ? Well of Good Will Ticket - ? Super Mystery Box - ? Legendary Mystery Box - ? Prayer Scroll - ? Voting Expert Scroll - ? Ring Of Wealth Scroll - ? 15% Increased Drop Rate Scroll - ? Rares & Cosmetics ( These prices are difficult to price and should be worked out through buyer / seller ) Third Age Mage - N/A Third Age Melee- N/A Third Age Range - N/A Third Age Druidic - N/A Santa Hat - N/A H'Ween Masks - N/A Black H'Ween Mask - N/A PartyHats - N/A Black Partyhat - N/A Black Santa Hat - N/A Rainbow Partyhat - N/A
  9. Nice to meet you too! :)
  10. - Avernic defender is now tradeable. - Nerfed 'Backpacks' which are dropped from Elf Warriors. - Players shop advert price changed from 30M to 10M. - Lowered cool down on healer at home to 10 minutes. - Thoks sword now has value. - Nerfed fishing experience - Added level requests to Ancestral, Kodai Wand, Twisted Bow, Dragon Hunter Crossbow and Dinh's Bulwark. - Buffed the strength bonus on Dinh's Bulwark. - Added a ::remindvote commands for admins. - Lottery tickets price increased to 20M per ticket. - Broad arrows should now work with any bow. - The next King of the Skill event is setup and organised to start on the 13th April (easter week) - Potion Vials now disappear after last use. - Nerfed Vorkath.
  11. Rob

    PVP rewards

    All the edits have been great regarding the wilderness in general, especially the leaderboard, which enables tracking all the kills. Though what I meant for the nerfed pvp rewards was the blood money handed out with each kill. As of now, 100-200bm is dropped on each kill and it used to be like 10k before, which indeed was a bit extreme. Though why not increase it to like 1k and only make it qualified as a drop in level 20+ or so which would eliminate boosting by fighting with friends or givebacks. Also, if any1 tried to kill people in the deep as an agreement in order to receive the drops, it is clearly visible in the leaderboard.
  12. Not sure about this, many of the zones are aggro anyway
  13. Good suggestion ,i'll see what i can do
  14. Smidge

    PVP rewards

    I'm not rising the amount of rewards given by pvp unforunetly, not sure what u meen by the pvp scenery was nerfed to non existant? It used to be non existant then i added the pvp leaderboard, more bosses in the wildy, and other pvp edits. Increasing the pvp rewards would lead to people abusing it more by paying people to kill them etc but i guess it can be traced easier now yeah.
  15. Good suggestions, Not sure bout the wogw one tho as the whole point of it is to recycle the ecos coins 🙂
  16. rootshell

    Broad arrows

    According to the OSRS wiki: https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Broad_arrows It's supposed to work with magic bows, but both the long and short bow don't work with it.
  17. Rob

    PVP rewards

    As the pvp scenery has been nerfed to nonexistent in the last couple of months, perhaps buff it up by a little once again? As of now, the 100-200bm that is dropped per (target only) kill seems a bit little in my opinion. It's essentially a pvm-ing oriented server, but wilderness adds a bit challenge to the usual grind. Perhaps increase amount dropped to 1-1.5k instead and possibly even add a streak factor to it? I know that the rewards were nerfed due to boosting abuses but they could easily be traced now as we have the wilderness leaderboard. Also, if that's too "rewarding", another factor could be added to the mechanics where only kills in above a certain level of wilderness (20+) result in obtaining bm drops. This way all Friendly or other fights in low levels wilderness can't be considered boosting either.
  18. Didn't realise i wasn't signed in when doing this, apologies
  19. What's your in-game usernames? mrd3xx How old are you? 24 What is your playtime in game (Quest panel)? 17hr What is your timezone? UK How often will you be able to play? mostly all day/night Why do you want to be a member of our staff team? to help newcomers and help grow the server What will you bring to the Staff team? I have some ideas that could be potentially added, I can be on most the time which makes other staffs members easier How strict would you say you are? I am friendly and like a good laugh but strict where it is needed Do you have interest in becoming an administrator? I would accept any role that you need someone for What can we do to improve RuneGuild? we need more players, I'd like to see it really busy in the not so distant future What is your major strength? I have been an admin on a private server before, dealt with a lot of trolls, banned bug abusers, etc... i am on most of the time so id say my biggest strength is my endurance, i can stay level headed in most situations and think of ways of overcoming many things What is your major weakness? a weakness of mine is that I do have autism (high functioning) and although i do joke and enjoy a laugh, sometimes i can be blunt and honest..which not many people like, another is probably patience, while i can be patient for things, i have noticed over the years that sometimes i just expect things there and then, i feel this is due to the autism, it was a big reason i never maxed on runescape as each time i levelled i grew annoyed i wasnt 99 and ultimately gave up, but managed to stick with it for a good 6 weeks back in January 2019 and maxed by February 14th 2019 Tell us a little about your RSPS history: As i said earlier, I was an admin for a RSPS a few years ago, each admin on the server was in charge of specific things, my specific job was to deal with reports, missing items, general glitches and economy cleanup. I wont lie, that server was pretty toxic and I had to ban many admins and moderators abusing their powers...and had to tp everyone in the server to the wild and kill them due to these admins/mods giving out super powerful items, it was the only way to "econ clean" without resetting Tell us about yourself: I am a gamer, been gaming since like 6 years old, started playing runescape just after it went from 2D to 3D, roughly around 14-15 years, on rs3 i am maxed, I do often play other games such as final fantasy XIV, diablo 3 and any new game that comes out, due to a few mental disabilities, I don't work right now which gives me all the time in the world to do what I want, they're basically just social anxiety, depression and autism. Originally i wasn't really looking for a private server but it was suggested to me via advertisement on facebook, so I decided to check it out and was pleasantly surprised with how good it was, so decided to stay and contribute financially
  20. - Logs/bars/ores value have been changed. - Some cooked fish is now more expensive than raw so it costs more to use, you can now make profit off fishing/cooking. - WOWG now activates for 2 hours instead of 1. - WOGW slight increase in price. - Removed money from Super & Legendary Mystery Boxes. - Removed WOGW tickets from invasion bosses. - Added value to several items e.g. Cape of Legends. - Inferno Boss now has all the waves. - The inferno cape and Tokhaar-Kal cape have now swapped stats. - Removed coin drops from some bosses. - Imported the right glyph model in the final round of The Inferno Minigame. - Adjusted some boss item droprates. - Changed up Skotizo Boss so he starts changing his attacks faster. - Imbued Heart is now useable. - Added a 15 minute timer to surgeon General Tafani. - Updated client to v1.6.
  21. Lower Cooldowns to use the healing npc at home. The higher the donation rank the lower the wait time.
  22. agreed, i guess for now. I'd say no to this suggestion :3. i sowwy
  23. Scabbard

    Bug report

    Copper ores in ::skillingzone do not seem to function at all.
  24. The aggression potion that turns all mobs in an area against you, good for slayer to aggro, say...all skeletons or ghouls or whatever you're fighting so you can complete tasks faster
  25. Mrd3xx

    Tool belt

    No, it exists in rs3 but it might not be too difficult to impliment into the private server
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