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  1. Not sure about this, many of the zones are aggro anyway
  2. Good suggestion ,i'll see what i can do
  3. Smidge

    PVP rewards

    I'm not rising the amount of rewards given by pvp unforunetly, not sure what u meen by the pvp scenery was nerfed to non existant? It used to be non existant then i added the pvp leaderboard, more bosses in the wildy, and other pvp edits. Increasing the pvp rewards would lead to people abusing it more by paying people to kill them etc but i guess it can be traced easier now yeah.
  4. Good suggestions, Not sure bout the wogw one tho as the whole point of it is to recycle the ecos coins 🙂
  5. It is already dropped by scotizo & a penance queen invasion aswell as donation store I'll add raids bosses soon so that i can add the end game loot to them mate. I've also made adjustments to the weapons.
  6. Good app, drama seems to hover around you though like it does connord. I know your not the only one in the wrong most the time but its not good for a support member to not get on with other players even if there not in the wrong. The way you handle situations have been done in the wrong manor n thats not what i need on my staff team. I'm willing to give you a chance depending on the other staffs opinions tho. I'm always happy to let people prove themselves and i know everybody makes mistakes.
  7. Nice app brother, will consider this depending on the other staffs opinions. I've never had a problem with you 🙂
  8. Glad you've applied n i'm glad you admit on your weaknesses. Everybody has weaknesses and people can learn from them. I appreciate your loyalty and activity on RuneGuild and i'm willing to give you a chance, will see what the other staff say first tho
  9. Nice app man was interesting to learn a bit about you. You've got a great chance being a veteran and very active. Will see what others have to say first 🙂
  10. Wrong place @Strength Nub this is someone elses app lol, good app zombex your certainly considered 🙂 will see what others say.
  11. Smidge


    Welcome dude, hope you stick around 🙂
  12. Welcome mate, nice to meet you 🙂
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