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  1. You don't have this in the right section, there's a spot for applications. Otherwise PM Smidge.
  2. Gp Joe

    Gp Joe Application

    Appreciate it Smidge! Glad to help when I can!
  3. Good luck dude! Be sure to post pics along the way!
  4. As I stated in my support application, my main account is a skiller, and I said I would try to come up with some ideas for skillers that could be added in-game. #1: Add XP lamps, whether there's just one kind of lamp or there's a few different kinds that give different boosts #2: I know that there's a pure store with some things for the skillers to wear to optimize on fashionscape, but not much. There could be a shop of wearables for skillers. -To get more in depth, have "skiller points" that can be earned so that certain clothing items can be bought with them. Certain clothes could give bonuses to a skiller depending on the gear like the agility gear does. -Could add amulets that give XP bonuses as well. #3: An amulet for skillers or even non-skillers that allows you to access your bank/a different or upgraded amulet that automatically collects drops for you and increases drop rate #4: Host skilling events! (Can go into more detail if necessary.) All I got for now, will continue to update this post as I think of more things, let me know what you guys think. -Gp
  5. Simple and to the point, dig it.
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