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  1. You don't have this in the right section, there's a spot for applications. Otherwise PM Smidge.
  2. Gp Joe

    Gp Joe Application

    Appreciate it Smidge! Glad to help when I can!
  3. Good luck dude! Be sure to post pics along the way!
  4. As I stated in my support application, my main account is a skiller, and I said I would try to come up with some ideas for skillers that could be added in-game. #1: Add XP lamps, whether there's just one kind of lamp or there's a few different kinds that give different boosts #2: I know that there's a pure store with some things for the skillers to wear to optimize on fashionscape, but not much. There could be a shop of wearables for skillers. -To get more in depth, have "skiller points" that can be earned so that certain clothing items can be bought with them. Certain clothes could give bonuses to a skiller depending on the gear like the agility gear does. -Could add amulets that give XP bonuses as well. #3: An amulet for skillers or even non-skillers that allows you to access your bank/a different or upgraded amulet that automatically collects drops for you and increases drop rate #4: Host skilling events! (Can go into more detail if necessary.) All I got for now, will continue to update this post as I think of more things, let me know what you guys think. -Gp
  5. Simple and to the point, dig it.
  6. Was going to comment about other options for the tele but figured I'd wait and see if you'd catch it.
  7. Main two goals I am currently working on are first to max xp in woodcutting + fletching! After that just maxing all non-combat skills to 99 and eventually the same with max xp. Current status:
  8. Gp Joe

    Black P Hat

    As far as I know only party hat in-game, or rare like that for that matter? Could be wrong. Looking for a crazy offer! PM me in-game or on here!
  9. What's your in-game usernames? Gp Joe How old are you? 26 What is your playtime in game (Quest panel)? 15 hours What is your timezone? Central Standard Time (Wisconsin, USA) How often will you be able to play? I'm active daily, I can't promise you that I will be on every single day for hours on end, I have a child/job/friends and basketball that I play weekly, but despite all that I still make it a point to get on and get some xp or even just see what everyone is up to. Why do you want to be a member of our staff team? Once upon a time before I got older I used to run a server with a buddy of mine who was a good coder. One of the things I enjoyed most was setting up the website and being active on it with the other members of the community. Constant interaction and problem solving are things I always look forward to. What will you bring to the Staff team? I will a bring a goofy, sometimes slightly extreme, but positive attitude. I am helpful with the things I know. A constant and familiar face to those who are old and new to the server! How strict would you say you are? I'm a pretty forgiving guy unless it's something that you can't return from, IE; racism, death threats, ect. I'm the type of person who likes to give people the benefit of the doubt at least once and will always try to be just and fair. Do you have interest in becoming an administrator? I think I could see myself in such position some day, but not right now, not until I continue to learn and grow more about the server itself and the players as well. What can we do to improve RuneGuild? Just continue to grow and have a welcome helpful community. Since my main account is a skiller, I would like to see more benefits for those types of accounts even though I realize most of the server is here for the PvP action or PvM style of play. I'll think of ideas as to what the benefits might be.. ๐Ÿ™‚ What is your major strength? I would say my major strength is communication/mediation/brainstorming. I find it easy to be able to talk to people and help when I can. What is your major weakness? In-game knowledge: even when I used to play a lot of RuneScape I was the guy who's parents would never get members for so I never got that experience, and even when I did I was more in love with skilling and doing the more simpler things of the game then PvM or any of those types of things so that's something I've been trying to work on in-game. Tell us a little about your RSPS history: Been playing RSPS pretty much since they decided to ruin RuneScape and make RS3.. Sorry it still hurts.. For a while I ran a server and then when I stopped doing that just continued to play other ones. And here I am! Tell us about yourself: I'm married with 1 daughter, we have 2 dogs, a lab and a lab/great dane mix. I love to play basketball and be active but I additionally love to play video games.
  10. Hit me up in-game or by PM if you need anything!

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