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  1. I know that that opening tis up for debate will cause different opinions and also the reason therefore I am opening it. As of right now, Scythe of Virtur is only purchasesable from ::store, but in all honesty I believe that from experience playing elsewhere that continuesly adding items that "donateable only" is really bad for any server. This said, even if scythe is added as invasion drop or drop anywhere else, it is still too powerful, it is damn too accurate and attacks at a rate that is extreme. Scabbard and I did some speedruns where he killed justicar, even without using spec he did not go over 20 seconds before he killed him. Further on, we have now seen how 2 people can kill any invasion boss within 3-5minutes with the scythe, something that usually takes around 8-12 minutes when we are 6-8 players with random ranged/melee gear, including tbows. This meaning that even if you get to the invasion right when it starts, people who are not using scythes might end up not getting to do the required 750Damage. Generally I am concerned that adding items into the game with such imense power, and the way they are added in will eventually make the server collapse and I sure as hell dont want that.
  2. Cara

    Yo Peeps

    Seen you a couple of times already, and it is nice to see you joined the forums aswell, have fun grinding 😁
  3. Hey feces, and welcome to the club buddy. Hope you enjoy the game thus far man, really glad to have ya. 😉
  4. Cara


    Hi Ben. Welcome to the server buddy, hope to see soon as i am on vacation until saturday 😉
  5. Lol, looks crazy af. 🤣🤣
  6. I personally hate pking. But its the name of the game, i dont feel like there needs to be added more features for pvp. If it is true what rob says, then pvp still needs to get looked into, because even though not many players on the server do pvp, it still needs to be proper balanced to work correctly.
  7. That is name of the game, i agree that you should only do pvp on 1 account, but you cant say that dual accounters cant have both their accounts in wildy at the same time. I have had my main in wildycourse while i had my 2x in the chaos temple.
  8. Cara

    Vacation ;D

    Yo yo bois! The winter season is here, and in denmark we celebrate that with a one week holiday, so from tomorrow I will be going to visit my grandma together with my daughter and girlfriend 🙂 I will be back again in a week. 🙂 Hope you all enjoy yourselves, and keep that grind going! 🙂
  9. Well not when you arent using balista 😉
  10. Cant access news and announcements board on the forums when logged in....
  11. Cara


    Welcome to the server pal! As da spagett said, pvm and bossing, is pretty much the same. anyhow, likewise yourself feel free to message me anytime 🙂 - Cara
  12. Nice nice 🙂 Good people in there 🙂 Im the only European player in the mix 😮
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