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  1. - Respawn timer on Gem/Spice stall timer has been decreased. - Vorkaths head now works to make the Ava's Assembler. - Fixed anti poison & extreme strength potions (1) - Fixed nurse working on multiple NPC's. - Buffed ancestral so its significantly better than Virtus. - Wildy agility course can only be entered if you have 55+ agility. - Blood Necklace has been buffed. - WOGW tickets have now been added back into the Edgeville invasion bosses. - Added the commands ::price/pricecheck which directs you to the Camsao & D3 x post on the forums. - Updated ::store command. - Fixed WOGW tickets so the well can only give double drops/experience and the ticket gives the rest of the options. - Dyed d'hide sets been fixed. - Anglerfish value changed. - Extreme potions & Overloads value been changed - Brand new store added. - Added Renowned Zone with a renowned store which sells overloads & good food. - Renowned Zone is now a Multi Zone - Attack range on Giant Roc/Scotizo altered. - Stepping stone in wildy fixed. - ::claim command will now work with the new donation site. - Skotizo in Renowned Zone has been replaced with Vorkath. - Abyssal Sire in Renowned Zone has been fixed. - Chaos elemental droprate nerfed. - Derwen Trivia fixed. - Added the Discord Bot which announces in-game stuff.
  2. - Avernic defender is now tradeable. - Nerfed 'Backpacks' which are dropped from Elf Warriors. - Players shop advert price changed from 30M to 10M. - Lowered cool down on healer at home to 10 minutes. - Thoks sword now has value. - Nerfed fishing experience - Added level requests to Ancestral, Kodai Wand, Twisted Bow, Dragon Hunter Crossbow and Dinh's Bulwark. - Buffed the strength bonus on Dinh's Bulwark. - Added a ::remindvote commands for admins. - Lottery tickets price increased to 20M per ticket. - Broad arrows should now work with any bow. - The next King of the Skill event is setup and organised to start on the 13th April (easter week) - Potion Vials now disappear after last use. - Nerfed Vorkath.
  3. - Logs/bars/ores value have been changed. - Some cooked fish is now more expensive than raw so it costs more to use, you can now make profit off fishing/cooking. - WOWG now activates for 2 hours instead of 1. - WOGW slight increase in price. - Removed money from Super & Legendary Mystery Boxes. - Removed WOGW tickets from invasion bosses. - Added value to several items e.g. Cape of Legends. - Inferno Boss now has all the waves. - The inferno cape and Tokhaar-Kal cape have now swapped stats. - Removed coin drops from some bosses. - Imported the right glyph model in the final round of The Inferno Minigame. - Adjusted some boss item droprates. - Changed up Skotizo Boss so he starts changing his attacks faster. - Imbued Heart is now useable. - Added a 15 minute timer to surgeon General Tafani. - Updated client to v1.6.
  4. Currently our staff team is full! So we are not recruiting at the moment. Once we have a spot open we will then reconsider your application! Thanks, Jord P.S I edited the colour of the font for you.
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    Hey Rain! Welcome to the server! Hope you have a good time here!
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