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  1. @Smidge Thanks for the feedback! Can we get the option to deposit coal from the coal bag?
  2. Lower Cooldowns to use the healing npc at home. The higher the donation rank the lower the wait time.
  3. agreed, i guess for now. I'd say no to this suggestion :3. i sowwy
  4. Is this something that in OSRS? I feel like I don't remember any of this.
  5. I actually want to propose this. Maybe we can have a slayer can also have like a teleport to slayer task and have a taxi fee! That would be great.
  6. Also if wogw can be more accessible to the community, I know we can get them from drops and buy from the store. But maybe we buy it with slayer points, achievements points, voting points. Something that's easier.
  7. For boss task, let us choose the amount we want to do.
  8. Hello team! Possible to add Sanfew serum or sometime of anti venom to alpha zone store. (ironman ezgame) Coal bag to store coal inside of unloading each time. vorkath is also a little buggy :3
  9. Can I please get the renowned rank?
  10. Hello, Could I get alpha forum rank? Thank you.
  11. Hello everyone! Looking forward to this server and this community. Hope to meet everyone in game.
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