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  1. Didn't realise i wasn't signed in when doing this, apologies
  2. The aggression potion that turns all mobs in an area against you, good for slayer to aggro, say...all skeletons or ghouls or whatever you're fighting so you can complete tasks faster
  3. Mrd3xx

    Tool belt

    No, it exists in rs3 but it might not be too difficult to impliment into the private server
  4. Mrd3xx

    Tool belt

    Well the one on RS itself allows your Pickaxe and hatchet to be removed freely from the belt I think... could maybe have things like that removable (the "weapon" tools), and just leave stuff such as a tinder box, knife, chisel, hammer, pestle and mortar, shears, etc not removable...but yeah, that being said the suggestion is very much to make things easier... Like if I'm going fishing and know the harpoon is always on me, so i can get all 28 slots of say...shark..
  5. Mrd3xx

    Tool belt

    The ability like in RS to have our pickaxes, hatchets, hammers, molds, etc on us at all times, saving space in our bank and also inventories when skilling
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