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    Broad arrows

    According to the OSRS wiki: https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Broad_arrows It's supposed to work with magic bows, but both the long and short bow don't work with it.
  2. I was reading through some suggestions and saw: Which got me to thinking that the teleport system is not as optimized as it could be, so I have several suggestions regarding the menu as well as the teleport buttons in the magic tab. Here are some Quality of Life upgrades I thought of: Sort the teleports per tab in the menu based on usage Add a search field to the menu Be able to right click the teleport in the menu to add to favorites and either add an tab for favorites or make the right click on the teleports in the magic tab also have your favorites in that category available
  3. I am split on this suggestion. While I must admit I am in a minority group of UIM this would significantly make skilling and other activities much easier, as our main limiting factor is in fact inventory space(by choice). So I would propose something that's best of both worlds, where it's a lock-in choice you can make, where someone like me who likes to restrict himself could still work within the old system, but other players who do want to use it aren't restricted by my playing style. If the above change to this suggestion isn't possible it would be nice to at least take the tool out (if I for example by mistake add a tool), maybe even destroying the item in the process to make it a bit more fair (and less likely to be abused in a dupe). Just my 2 cents as someone from a niche.
  4. Droprate calculation Droprate: 1/256 Normal droprate in %: (1/256)*100=0.390625% Add a modifier like so: if you have an increased droprate for example 50% we can calculate that by adding 50%. Keep in mind 1 = 100% so if we want to add 50% it's 1.5. ((1/256)*100)*1.5=0.5859375% So the likely hood of each kill for you is: 0.5859375% The point where you are more likely to have the drop then not is 100/(((1/256)*100)*1.50)=170.66666666666666666666 Or 170 and 1/3 kills. This is how you should think of droprates.
  5. I sold my soul to the daemon in turn I got hacker skills. But seriously, I made this and found it nifty, so decided to show it off. (Also, screw Oracle for not correctly naming their windows!) Just noticed, I can't have forums open with this since it will grab FireFox. Fail.
  6. I can also confirm it goes down to T1, meaning you can start with 10 mining technically.
  7. Found another spot, east of varrock palace close to the manhole
  8. Might be useful to mention that it starts at 80 and goes down by 10 every tier. I'll check on next star what the lowest level is, but according to Runescape's D&D wiki it's 10 mining.
  9. Oh nice. This is a time saver and a half. If I find more spots I'll bug you. Once we know all the spots it might be more useful to make an map instead of screenshots as well.
  10. Can we make this a game mode? My realism UIM is too easy to play.
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