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  1. SAFE BETS INTRODUCTION: We are Safe Bets Gambling Clan, Founded by James on 3/25/2020. We want to bring excitement to the game, Raise the economy and give everyone an opportunity to be the wealthiest player, (or the most broke). We host a variety of different games from 55x2, fp, hnc and much more! Currently we are not officially released, as we are seeking ranks to join our clan but we will be gambling in NO TIME! APPLICATION: Are you interested in becoming a host for our gambling clan? Great! We are in need of 5-10 hosts, although our application requirements ARE NOT EASILY MET! You must be a trusted player with a reputation, and at least be able to afford dice, and 500 mithril seeds to become a host. Respond with your applications by Copying/Pasting and filling out the form provided below! FORM: USERNAME?: PLAY TIME?: HOW MANY HOURS DO YOU PLAY A DAY?: DO YOU HAVE ATLEAST 3 VOUCHES WHO CAN STATE YOU AS A REPUTABLE PLAYER?: IS YOUR BANK OVER 2B+?: DO YOU OWN A DICE?: DO YOU OWN 500+ MITHRIL SEEDS?: TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF:
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