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  1. Hey guys it's the odd general guy again. . . Coming at you all with a QUICK Crafting guide. At one point in time you all my get bored of PvM'ing etc an you may decide you want to skill an you may say heck, I want to start this crafting grind, but.. WHERE DO I START?! Have no fear, I got you covered. 😎 After Brushing yo teeth, combing your hair, eating them snacks and you finally login to RuneGuild; Click on that lovely spell book go to the skilling teleport, and click on Crafting! It'll bring you to the flax fields 😜 Go Ahead, an collect 28 flax. Once collected go to the spinning wheel next to the tanner, click on the piece of flax an use on the wheel, and click make all, that will get you to 29 crafting! At this point in time you can then cut gems such as Opal, Jade, Red Topaz, Sapphires, and Emeralds! 29-34 You will Cut Emeralds 34-43 Rubies 43-55 Diamonds or, all the way to 99 if you don't have a huge stock of dragonstones 😛 55-67 Dragonstones 67-99 onyxes *** As stated before, you're more than likely to have a fat stack of diamonds then onyxes and dragonstones *** I encourage you doing your huge crafting grinds during 2x XP an well events, make the most out of it because crafting can get a little boring.. Happy Chipping!
  2. Alright, so here's the moment you've all been waiting for. . . . 👀 General's Farming Guide! Very low-key simple methods First Go to Your Spellbook, click on the "A" teleport also known to people as the Ardy teleport or more importantly in RuneGuild Server the "Skilling Teleport" On the first section, 2nd row 3rd one in, click on Farming! Once you've teleported, go ahead an click on the Master Farmer to trade. Things to buy first an foremost. Rake - 164 gp Seed Dibber - 194 gp Secateurs- 680 gp Watering Can- 438 gp Total cost: 1,476 gp. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Things to consider: You do have to fill up that Watering Can it only has 8 uses. there is a waterpump right next to the allotment patch. Now, to start things off, after buying all of your supplies listed above; go ahead an rake all the patches, once raking them all you should get about 12 weeds... You will be level 10 farming already. Now go dump them in the compost bin next to the herb patch you will then go from 10 farming to level 35. After those have been deposited you'll see more weeds grow you will only get 4 this time rake those an then you will be level 37 Now Granted you can already by-pass alot of the crap herbs. so i will start off with herbs from level 32 and up. since we're level 37 already 37-38 Ranarr seeds each seed costs 15,540 gp 38-62 Toadflax seeds each seed costs 14,238 gp ( I recommend doing these for saradomin brews later on in herblore 🙂 ) *hint hint nudge nudge* 62-85 Snapdragon seeds each seed costs 90,240 gp Great to grow these for Super Restore potions! 85-99 Torstol seeds each cost 29,040 gp the final ingredient for the Overload potions everybody loves 😉 Whilst planting those if you want to speed up things; go ahead an buy watermelon seeds. You can plant them at level 47 farming, so you can mount up the XP! each watermelon seed costs 248 gp! Happy Farming! 👨‍🌾
  3. To add to my post which I am SO sorry about, for the Yew and Magic part, once you get to those levels you will click back on the skilling teleports back to the woodcutting and you will click the 3rd OPTION that will bring you to the OSRS Woodcutting guild that has redwood, magic and yew trees, you will spawn right in the location you need to be, as well once your in there, you can start your firemaking as well starting in the far east cutting regular trees an moving on up 🙂
  4. Alright you tree lovers an soon to be dart makers 😋 Here is my Woodcutting/Fletching Guide very very simple an basic. 1st off make sure you have a woodcutting axe, and a knife. IF YOU DON'T! At the Home teleport; Directly North of the bank... go to the man right before the Wise Old Man, make sure you Right Click View-General Skilling Store. buy a Iron Hatchet, costs 1k coins. While you're there buy a knife 63 gp, giving you costing you a GRAND TOTAL of 1,063 gp. Phew that's a ton of cash right there, between the hunter side an this we about broke boys an gals 😛 NOW, here's where the fun begins 😈 Go to your spellbook, click on that beautiful A looking symbol that's going to bring up your skilling interface! Go to the 2nd page over and click on Woodcutting Choose the First Option.. well mainly because we're noobs AMIRITE? You've got a nice selection of Trees, Regular Trees, Oaks, Willows, Maples. I will explain why you need to bring a knife, we're knocking out one stone with 2 birds.. oh wait that's 2 birds 1 stone, don't mind me 😹 1st log you cut you're 11 Woodcutting 1st log you fletch into arrow shafts you're 6 fletching WOWIE! Essentially, what you are going to do to speed this ENTIRE thing up; After fletching the 2 logs into arrow shafts, you can skip doing that forever until diaries or if you want to make your own arrows.. Levels: 10-25 Regular Longbows 25-40 Oak Longbows 40-55 Willow Longbows 55-70 Maple Longbows 70-85 Yew Longbows 85-99 Magic Longbows ______________________________ Now granted your going to do the corresponding levels woodcutting to the fletching. They may not equal out in the beginning but be patient with them, they're delicate they are TREES 🙈 On a side note, YOU don't have to do the the fletching an woodcutting that exact way, you can woodcut as you please an you can fletch as you please, I advise taking advantage of the double xp days which are three days a week Wednesday, Saturday, and Sundays. Also whenever there are well events an you have vote books. Happy Cutting! :x
  5. Hey guys 😄 General here, Just a quick little tip off for the hunting side of things in the RuneGuild Private server, not sure if this would be considered a guide. To be honest though GREAT way of getting some starter cash out of the way with what you got when you start up here! Go to your spellbook, click on the "Ardougne Teleport" which in this case is Skilling Teleport click over 1 arrow to the right; an click the second option Karamja trapping (Birds, Chinchompas,Grenwalls) NOW! Trade the Hunter expert 🙂 Bird Snares - 100gp ea Impling Jars (which are for much later) 1k ea or exact amount 1,082 gp ea. Box Traps- Which are for Chinchompas an Grenwalls are 300 coins ea Buy 3 Bird snares and 5 box traps going to cost you around 1800 gp, extremely cheap to start cranking out hunter. You will do birds from 1-53 Grey Chins 53-63 hunter Red Chins from 63-77 Lastly 77-99 you'll do Grenwalls, if you take advantage of it buy doing ::vote w/ vote book plus dbl xp an well, you'll get 99 in legit like 15 mins. SUPER FAST. Now, time for them impling jars. I suggest spending a good hour at Puro-Puro which is also the 1st option located under the hunter skilling section where we refereed to earlier an at the point you want to catch, Dragon, Kingly, and Lucky implings. This is great for Irons and non-irons to get starter cash, prayer pots etc. Hopefully this suits you all well, happy gaming an get them gains! 🙂
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