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    Thanks for the feedback, Look forward too it 😄
  2. What's your in-game usernames? Merip2, Merip1 How old are you? 25 Years old What is your playtime in game (Quest panel)? 1d 44m (Merip2) 28m (Merip1) What is your timezone? GMT (UK) How often will you be able to play? 6-12 Hours a day Why do you want to be a member of our staff team? I believe this server has allot to offer and has great potential, There shows great promise with the amount of updates and growing community which I'm excited about. I'd also like to share I'm currently on sick leave from work for the next couple of month so this experience would be great to keep my mind occupied. What will you bring to the Staff team? I'd bring a whole new way of thinking to the team, I'm really lenient and like to achieve the best I possibly can from anything I do in life. I'm currently employed so I know the difference between a video game and professionalism you need to show in a work environment. I have experience working in customer service for over 2 years which will come in handy when dealing with players issues/problems. How strict would you say you are? Always give someone a second chance if there actions are justified, short mutes are bans could also be a first punishment option depending on the severity. Do you have interest in becoming an administrator? Yeah I'm not someone who's about standing still, Always try to achieve your best even if you just tried. What can we do to improve RuneGuild? The main priority is to listen to players ideas and implement as many which as see fit to the server with some exceptions. Also fixing bugs will be a big priority with this being a new server. What is your major strength? I like to think of my self as someone who can solve problems although my girlfriend calls it being paranoid :) On a serious note I really like solving problems, Whether it's playing puzzle games or helping out at work. What is your major weakness? Thinking to much, This sometimes comes as a blessing or a curse but when you think of 100 ideas to a problem you get a bad. Tell us a little about your RSPS history: Started playing RSPS's over 10 years ago but after Runescape went into pre eoc I quit which was around 2009-2010. Iv'e played some RSPS's since but up until about 2016 I took a break. Since 2016 iv'e probably played around 5 RSPS's along with my Runescape account which is level 112 combat (pay 4 mercy) (OSRS name) I haven't played much Runescape in recent months but iv'e came to love RSPS's once again. Tell us about yourself: My name is Dominic I'm 25 I have a son who is 7 and I live in a City called Newcastle in the north east of England. I play football (Soccer) but only at an amateur level. I'm working as a welder who supplies car parts for a franchise called Nissan. My main ambition in life is to be as successful as possible.
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