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  1. kcprity

    san antonio

    My choice would be to say no seeing you got muted recently. and that didnt alert you to read the rules. I find it highly unlikely you didnt have knowledge or none of the honest player warned you about the risk of Boosting. To my idea it also seemed like your kills went up by alot when mods/owner werent online. Pking is fine even when people might dislike you for it. Abusing the rules is not! Even tho i say no i wish you goodluck!
  2. hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey
  3. kcprity

    Shooting star!

    there indeed aree i treid to place the ss around the locations some have around 2 locations on there
  4. no mod for you hehe ❤️
  5. 2019-12-08_23-20-24.mp4 note im not the best you can probably do him faster bring range is what id advice goodluck!!!
  6. kcprity

    Shooting star!

    for the shooting star you need 80+ mining the screenshots are locations where the star spawns there are probably a few more locations goodluck on your adventure 2019-12-08_22-48-50.mp4
  7. DRagon defender_Trim.mp4 for the peeps that dont know how to get the dragon defender!
  8. Hello guys ive noticed a while back that theres a small melee thingy thats pretty enoying . 😄 If you hit a target first but then some one else can come in and yoink it (its about timing yes) i find this rather bad since itl go hand in hand with griefing fellow players and would also make the first one to arive at an area not matter at all What are your toughts on this? kind greetings KC
  9. kcprity


    hey dear gp i like the idea there are lamps for daily tasks and vote store already there are also a few pieces you can obtain to increase xp gain ingame hope you have seen them in there already pure events sounds like a fun idea to me 😄
  10. 200m attack,str,def,magic,hitpoints,ranged Reached next target thiefing,woodcutting,firemaking !!
  11. kcprity

    buying herbs

    hey there guys im buying aventoes dwarf weeds torsel landatyme hit me up ing and whe will discuss a price 😄
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