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  1. The gravite shortbow needs a rework, the stats are not near representative of the drop rate and similar weapons, have heard from multiple people it doesn't work like its supposed to making it a useless item to have on a drop table especially at a 1/750 drop rate. This post was by the Hova ~
  2. Hey could i get elder on forums? Please dad
  3. Maybe move the slayer tele to the first page on the skilling tab? could expedite teleports to slayer because it is a frequently used one enough to support movement to the front page. Thanks and please consider, Jehova
  4. The sword is bugged and shows unarmed on the attack style screen. tried relogging and things but not fix for me, not sure if its for others aswell.
  5. You need a level of 75 to steal from this stall
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