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    san antonio

    So, I respect the fact that you are here to apologize and take a shot at an appeal. The problem is, that you've now put me in a difficult position. I can speak to you coming a long ways in your behavior over the past twenty-four hours, but I can not say in full confidence that your kills are not considered boosted. I am the staff member who now has video footage of Connord810 teleporting from home to the rev caves gear-less, shortly followed by yourself with maxed gear and kill him. I also monitored two of your fights with Armadyle in which no kills actually occurred in the wild. Your defense is also that the players you've killed "legitimately" in the wilderness, have supposedly either given you there position out there or have asked you to kill them; which is still, if we are being technical about the asking to kill situation, boosting of kills.... is it not? The excuse of "im used to osrs rules" is also a completely unacceptable defense, seeing as you are aware of our forums and have access to the server rules. So in conclusion, I do not see a permanent mute fair punishment, as it still leaves you free to continue these player killing habits. It's a firm no from me on the appeal to have your account unbanned and/or bank returned. Best of luck, Early
  2. Solid times at ::ffa! HA
  3. I'll be following this thread to see all the great things you accomplish for sure!
  4. Awesome information, thanks for the guide!
  5. Awesome to see you on the forums Kc, been great having you around and look forward to seeing great things from you!
  6. Early


    Welcome Spoon, glad to have you in the community!
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