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**    Barrows pieces 5m a piece (20m a set), Dragon boots 5-10m, Bandos boots 25-30m, Staff of light 15-20m, Dark bow 25-50m, Abyssal Dagger 20m, Abyssal whip 50m, Granite Maul 35-40m, Zamorak/Saradomin Godswords 75m, Bandos Godsword 100m,Zuriels Staff 125-150m, Robin hood hat/boots 100-150m, Amulet of Fury 30m, Amulet of Ranging 20-30m, Mage's Book 50m, 

**    Chaotic Weaponry 250-350m (lower end staff, higher end rapier/crossbow) Bandos Armors 100-150m, Statius/Zuriels/Morrigans 200-300m a piece, Dragonfire shield 80-120m, Steadfasts/Glaivens/Ragefire boots 200-250m, Vesta platelegs 200m, Vesta platebody 400m, Blowpipe 700-800m, Celestial Catalytic staff 5-600m, Dihn's Bulwark (unknown), 

High end gear-  Primordial boots 800m-1b, Eternal boots 800-900m, Pegasian boots 1.2-1.5b, Zenyte Jewelry 800m-1b, Spellcaster/Swift/Goliath gloves 600m, Primal weaponry 600-900m (lower end spear high end rapier) Primal armor 400-500m/ piece, Divine/Spectral/Elysian/Arcane Spirit shields 1-2b, Elder Maul 600-800m, Kodai wand 1b-1.2b, Korasi 800m, 

God tier gear- Ancestral Pieces 1.5-2b, Torva/Virtus 800m-1.2b a piece, Pernix 1.5-2b a piece, Justiciar pieces 1.5-2b a piece,

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