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Monday 16th March Updates.

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- Respawn timer on Gem/Spice stall timer has been decreased.

- Vorkaths head now works to make the Ava's Assembler.

- Fixed anti poison & extreme strength potions (1)

- Fixed nurse working on multiple NPC's.

- Buffed ancestral so its significantly better than Virtus.

- Wildy agility course can only be entered if you have 55+ agility.

- Blood Necklace has been buffed.

- WOGW tickets have now been added back into the Edgeville invasion bosses.

- Added the commands ::price/pricecheck which directs you to the Camsao & D3 x post on the forums.

- Updated ::store command.

- Fixed WOGW tickets so the well can only give double drops/experience and the ticket gives the rest of the options.

- Dyed d'hide sets been fixed.

- Anglerfish value changed.

- Extreme potions & Overloads value been changed

- Brand new store added.

- Added Renowned Zone with a renowned store which sells overloads & good food.

- Renowned Zone is now a Multi Zone

- Attack range on Giant Roc/Scotizo altered.

- Stepping stone in wildy fixed.

- ::claim command will now work with the new donation site.

- Skotizo in Renowned Zone has been replaced with Vorkath.

- Abyssal Sire in Renowned Zone has been fixed.

- Chaos elemental droprate nerfed.

- Derwen Trivia fixed.

- Added the Discord Bot which announces in-game stuff.

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