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A Start To Crafting!

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Hey guys it's the odd general guy again. . .


Coming at you all with a QUICK Crafting guide.

At one point in time you all my get bored of PvM'ing etc an you may decide you want to skill an you may say heck, I want to start this crafting grind, but.. WHERE DO I START?!

Have no fear, I got you covered. 😎

After Brushing yo teeth, combing your hair, eating them snacks and you finally login to RuneGuild; Click on that lovely spell book go to the skilling teleport, and click on Crafting!

It'll bring you to the flax fields 😜

Go Ahead, an collect 28 flax. Once collected go to the spinning wheel next to the tanner, click on the piece of flax an use on the wheel, and click make all, that will get you to 29 crafting!

At this point in time you can then cut gems such as Opal, Jade, Red Topaz, Sapphires, and Emeralds!

29-34 You will Cut Emeralds

34-43 Rubies

43-55 Diamonds or, all the way to 99 if you don't have a huge stock of dragonstones 😛 

55-67 Dragonstones

67-99 onyxes

*** As stated before, you're more than likely to have a fat stack of diamonds then onyxes and dragonstones *** I encourage you doing your huge crafting grinds during 2x XP an well events, make the most out of it because crafting can get a little boring..


Happy Chipping!

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