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Leatrix Staff Application

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What's your in-game usernames?


How old are you?


What is your playtime in game (Quest panel)?

8d 4h 41m

What is your timezone?


How often will you be able to play?

Every day

Why do you want to be a member of our staff team?

I would like to help the server, players and staff with as much as possible.

What will you bring to the Staff team?

I have a very great knowledge of in game information as well as store information, i can help many players with there questions. Strictness were it is needed. 

How strict would you say you are?

i like fair gaming for everyone a rule broken should be given fair warning to be consistent at it is another thing this is where i would get strict and for peoples language i don't mind swearing here and there however the type of conversation that can go on in chat may need to be stopped.

Do you have interest in becoming an administrator?

Yes'for the moment though my goal is to be a great staff member 

What can we do to improve RuneGuild?

Staff in different time zones would lower the time between when a staff member is on to having none on at all. Adding a few more things in game for top tier players and hopefully raids.

What is your major strength?

quick thinker

What is your major weakness?

i dont like bug abuse

Tell us a little about your RSPS history:

This is my first RSPS and thus far is a great game im so over all the RS3 and OSRS server's i have though done 8 days + on Runeguild and now have and undertsanding on how things work, probably wouldnt of wasted 12 years on rs3 if ide found this sooner.

Tell us about yourself:

My real names Steven prefer Steve, i have 1 son aged 4 who loves gaming as much as i do, im currently out of work as i take care of my son, I was an interior/exterior decorator (painter/texture cotter) before this. I grew up in Sydney Australia, and it is soooo hot down here right now.

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